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About Us

Two old hotel/travel guys and long-time friends, George VonAllmen and Don Farrell, and one new friend (who happened to be the IT whiz they both knew they needed!), Ananda Jami… got together with the mission of “reinventing travel”!

NeatMEETS is the first in a product line of Travel / Entertainment websites brought to you by eConnectPEOPLE, LLC. In the very near future, our proprietary process (ref. # 20130018810 A1 United States Patent and Trademark Office) will allow us to bring “the ultimate social network” to websites for getting like-minded people together as they enjoy:

  • Cruises and Vacation Rentals
  • Concerts, Shows, and Sporting Events
  • Campground and R/V facilities
  • Specialty Outfitters (Hunting/Fishing trips, Safaris, Whitewater Rafting, etc)
  • Plane/Train/Bus travel
  • And much, much more…!

We welcome any and all inquiries on potential licensing or partnering – we look for “Win/Win” scenarios in all we do! Also understand that, after having allocated substantial resources to develop and protect our Intellectual Property, we will vigorously engage any company or individual that tries to duplicate our business model without our authorization.

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    Product Development Team

    Become a Featured Property

    • Direct Link to your CRS or property website.
    • Full color 1/4 or 1/8 right column ad placement.
    • Proactive/ongoing solicitation of your Top 10 Avocational Accounts or “Feeder Interests” (i.e. – Golf/Skiing/Fishing) for BOTH individual and Group business.
    • Rates as low as $400/month flat with no commission fees.
    • GUARANTEED results…or we will refund all fees!

    Become a Featured Group

    • Unique Travel Benefit for your membership with guaranteed lowest rates and instant booking at over 400,000 hotels worldwide.
    • Up to 5% rebate paid to association/group…based on member usage.
    • Utilize as Housing Bureau for smaller/informal meetings, saving staff time and vendor fees.
    • With over 100 years combined experience and high-level connections with the world’s top brands, our Hotel Inventory Professionals can negotiate great rates/terms/comps for your larger meetings at a MUCH lower rates than traditional 3rd party providers.